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Parade Night - ACR practice

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 18:30 to 21:30

What is a Parade Night?
Cadets meet at our parade location on weeknights throughout the school year. Cadets normally meet in their issued uniforms. There is a opening parade followed by three periods of instruction, and a closing parade with announcements. The parade nights follow the Royal Canadian Air Cadet training schedule in a variety of subjects. These classes tend to be more theory based. Attendance and performance is used in the completion of the cadets mandatory training proficiency. Parade nights are open to all 12 Edmonton Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron Cadets.


1815 - 1830 hrs  Arrival of cadets
1830 - 1855 hrs  Opening Parade starts (P&I, Roll Call)
1900-1930 hrsPeriod 1 Instruction
1935-2005 hrsPeriod 2 Instruction
2025-2055 hrsPeriod 3 Instruction
2100hrsClosing Parade starts
2130hrs  All cadets must be picked up by their parents

Items to Bring:
                   Notepad and pen
                                         Water Bottle



Activity Classification:        This activity has been classified as Mandatory. 

 Mandatory training is a scheme of activities that is requisite for squadrons,
and in some instances specialized TEs, to conduct and for cadets to accomplish in order to
complete the Proficiency Level Program. 

As a criteria to pass their Proficiency Level, Cadets must achieve a minimum of 60% attendance on all Mandatory and Complementary Training Activities.
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