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Flying with 12 City of Edmonton RCACS

Air Cadets will receive training in aeronautical subjects, such as, principles of flight, aeronautical engines, and airport operations, just to name a few. With opportunities to fly in an aircraft and even became a pilot.

The Flying opportunities are offered with virtually no cost to the individual. How far will Air Cadets take you?

Gliding on the Air Elemental Day

As part of the level training program, Air Cadets participate in an Air Elemental Day held at a local airfield. Cadets will meet at 12 City of Edmonton Squadron and be transported to the local Gliding Center. Every effort is made to get each cadet a flight in a glider; however, if limited by weather, cadets will enjoy a day of aeronautical fun at the airfield. 

Familiarization Flights

Through fundraising efforts and the generous support of organizations such as 700 Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada, the 12 Edmonton Squadron Sponsoring Committee funds powered familiarization flights for the cadets of 12 Squadron. The familiarization flights are held a local Airport. Cadets will meet at the airport or flying club. Dress for this activity is in civilian dress.  Cadets receive a flight in a powered aircraft. These flights are optional, and every effort is made to allow each cadet an opportunity for a flight. 

Availability may be limited by weather, aircraft availability, or funds available.  

Power and Glider Scholarship Courses 

Senior Air Cadets can apply for a Scholarship Course where they will earn either their Transport Canada Powered Pilots licence or Transport Canada Glider Pilots Licence for virtually no cost. For the Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS) Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS) Candidates must meet all established requirements laid down, including age, medical standards and Canadian Forces (CF) qualifying exam. Another important factor is motivation. Candidates must demonstrate a sincere interest in learning to fly and that they are prepared to commit to the demanding study time required to become a pilot. Recommendations should also consider the interest of the candidate in contributing as future pilots or instructors to the cadet flying programs.

Cadets applying for the either of the Scholarships will go through a highly competitive application process. Further information on the selection process is available through the Summer Training Section. 

Ground School

12 Edmonton Squadron runs a Ground School for Air Cadets wishing to apply for the Glider Pilot Scholarship Course and Powered Pilot Scholarship Course. The first step in the application process is the CF Qualifying Exam. Ground School is in preparation for that exam. The purpose of this exam is to ensure that all candidates possess a basic knowledge in the required aviation subjects. At 12 Squadron, Ground School runs in the fall months. There is a nomination deadline for the CF Qualifying exam of December 1st, and the exam will be written at 12 Squadron in the first week of January. Cadets must receive a minimum pass mark to continue the application process. The application process is highly competitive, and candidates must strive for the highest mark possible. Ground School is open to all 12 Squadron cadets; however, given the high academic nature of ground school, we recommend cadets attended after their 14th birthday. Dates for Ground School can be found in the 12 Edmonton Calendar of events. Further information on the application process can be found in the Summer Training Section.

Ground school notes can be found here if you have missed a class:

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