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Level One (Two Weeks)

  • General Training Course (GTC)

Minimum Level Two (Three Weeks)

  • Basic Drill and Ceremonial Cource (BDCC)
  • Basic Survival Course (BSC)
  • Basic Fitness and Sports Course (BFSC)
  • Basic Aviation Course (BAC)
  • Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace
    Course (BATAC)
  • Military Band - Basic Musician Course (MB-BMC)
  • Pipe Band - Basic Musician Course (PB-BMC)

Minimum Level Three (Three and Six Weeks)

  • Advanced Aviation Course (AAC) (Three Week Course)
  • Leadership and Ceremonial Instructor Course (LCIC)
  • Survival Instructor Course (SIC)
  • Fitness and Sports Instructor Course (FSIC)
  • Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course (ARMIC)
  • Military Band - Intermediate Musician Course (MB-IMC)
  • Pipe Band - Intermediate Musician Course (PB-IMC)

Minimum Level Four

  • Military Band v Advanced Musician Course (MB-AMC)
  • Pipe Band v Advanced Musician Course (PB-AMC)

Staff Cadet (Seven Weeks)

  • Positions available at various Summer Training Centres

National Courses (Two to Seven Weeks depending on the course / exchange)

  • Advanced Aerospace Course (AASC)
  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course v Airport Operations (AATC-AO)
  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course v Aircraft Maintenance (AATC-AM)
  • Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS)
  • Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS)
  • International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE)

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