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12 AIR SCC RAFFLE SALES OFF SITE ARE COMING TO AN END - $6k draw date is December 18,2019

Cadet Volunteers needed 
this is a great way for cadets to earn their volunteer points for the year

Sunday December 8, 2019 WHAT: Raffle Ticket Selling WHERE: Londonderry Mall, entrance #2
WHEN: 1pm-5pm

Sunday December 8, 2019 WHAT: Raffle Ticket Selling WHERE: Canadian Tire Manning
WHEN: 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm

Sunday December 8, 2019 WHAT: Raffle Ticket Selling WHERE: Sobeys Hollick Kenyon
WHEN: 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm

WHAT: Raffle Ticket Selling
WHERE: Canadian Tire Manning
WHEN: 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm

Cadets can sign up Wednesday night or call/text Denise @ 780-293-0062

Posted on Monday, December 02, 2019

Ground School - Sunday - 08-December-2019

Ground School - 0900-1200

Open to cadets from all units.

Where: 12 RCACS LHQ - 6770 129 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Dress: Appropriate civilian attire & footwear.

Need to Bring: Water Bottle, Lunch & Snacks, Books and pens

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Marksmanship/Band Practice - Saturday - 07-December-2019

Marksmanship/Band Practice - 0900-1200 

Where: 12 RCACS LHQ - 6770 129 Avenue NW, Edmonton 

Dress: Appropriate civilian fitness attire & footwear.

Need to Bring: Water Bottle, Lunch & Snacks
Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CO’s Parade Night/New Recruit Grad/Summer Training Info/- Wednesday - 04-December-2019

When: 1815-2130 (6:15pm-9:30pm)

What: CO's Parade Night

Where: 6770 129 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Parents/Guardians: There will be coffee with the CO

The recruits will be graduating and put into their flights. This is known as Recruit Grad.

There will also be a summer training information fair.

Important: Cadets, please make sure you have eaten dinner prior to arriving.

Bring: Full Water Bottle, Pen and Paper

Dress: C1 - Ceremonial Dress Full Uniform (Dress Shirt, Tunic, Tie, Wedge, Medals)

New recruits wear: White dress shirt, black tie, black pants if you have.


Squadron staff ask that cadets not arrive before the building has been opened, which on parade nights (Wednesdays), will be no earlier than 1800hrs (6:00pm); and for other events or activities, 15 minutes before scheduled start times. 

Also, parents are expected to pick up their cadets immediately following the published end time for activities.

Thank you!


Please email us with any questions.

Phone: 587-938-1203 (we only will be answering on Wednesdays and Training Days)

Absences: Cadets you must email or text the Squadron with your name, rank and day you will be absent along with the reason.


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Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Squadron Sponsoring Club (SSC) Announcements




If you have recently purchased Air Cadet League of Canada (Alberta) 2020 Cash Calendar numbers 0379, 0380 or 0381 (numbers are on the back of the calendar near bottom right corner).   Your entry stubs have not been received and currently will not be a part of the draw. 


Please contact Colette Ryland, President of 12 Air SSC at president12air@outlook.com or 780-238-1676 immediately to discuss.



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Hello parents and guardians! You may have noticed that you recently received an e-mail from Denise Drake, our volunteer coordinator, about a site called SignUp.com. This is a platform that the SSC is using to coordinate volunteers for events this cadet year. Please check your e-mail (inboxes and junk folders) and take a look at the site, as it is very user friendly and simple.



Raffle tickets are a direct Squadron fundraiser. All of the proceeds from the sales go to the Squadron. Each cadet family has been given two books of raffle tickets, with each book containing 10 tickets. The SSC asks that you do your very best to sell the two books of tickets you have been given. You can sell to friends, family, teachers, co-workers, or anybody else you can think of! If you think you can sell more than your two books of tickets, we have PLENTY more that need to be sold.

Posted on Friday, October 04, 2019

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