New Recruit Night - 28 October 2020

Oct. 28, 2020

28 October 2020


New recruit night - Info for parents


As a guideline:

Last names beginning with

  A-I between 6-6:30pm

  J-R between 6:30-7pm

  S-Z between 7-7:30


  1. Everyone must sign in at the front door and be wearing a mask/face covering. Please bring your own pen
  2. Each family is encouraged to only have 1 parent and their new cadet present
  3. Please print the CF 1158 form from the website - under recruiting, join us tab and have it filled out (copies will be available if necessary)
  4. If you are able to bring copies of the new cadets birth certificate and health card. If not we can copy them in the office
  5. Tables are set up on our parade square. Each family is to go to a table to maintain social distancing
  6. Once paperwork is completed and checked you will be asked to leave through the back door


Once the tables on the parade square are full we will be asking people to wait outside so please watch the weather.   


Staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.