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12 RCACS Mission Statement

12 City of Edmonton Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Mission Statement

At 12 RCACS we will implement the prescribed training program in a proficient military manner,  incorporating a high operational tempo which maximizes member satisfaction and participation.

Vision Statement

(We Invest Life Into Our Squadron)

=We want our Squadron to excite and please our cadets, relationally and emotionally

=We are committed to our vision and work together and purpose to live it

=We are passionate about what we do, and work hard to make our interactions with cadets memorable

=We are positive people, constantly looking for ways to energize ourselves and the people around us

(We See Eye-To-Eye)

=We have a clear (line-of-sight÷ on our priorities and results, and encourage active participation from everyone to achieve our goals

=We are thinkers, able to problem-solve (on the fly÷ when required

=We are team players, with a strong belief in the benefits of collaboration

=We look for, celebrate, and share best practices

(We Are A Step Ahead)

=We are a learning organization, always on the look-out for new and better ways to be brilliant at what we do

=We keep our fingers on the pulse, staying in touch with the needs and expectations of our cadets

=We are (Change Friendly÷, moving at a pace that is faster than our markets, with an aptitude and openness for new opportunities

=We never rest on our laurels, always (bettering our best÷

=We see trouble before it happens

=We see opportunity before it passes us by

(We Are Can-Do People) 

=We are doers who get the job done. Right

=We are prudent operators with an eye on managing our cost/revenue gap

=We have the courage to take risks, and learn from our mistakes

=We are proud of our Squadron and the contributions we make to the communities we serve

We Are Powerful Community Builders
Everyone at 12 Squadron can make it happen. Every team member has the power and responsibility to take action. At 12 Squadron we will earn world class cadet loyalty by honouring the qualities that make great communities:

=A community is inclusive, familiar and welcoming

=A community values relationships as much as commerce

=A community is built on caring and supportiveness as much as on service

=A community is a place where people can comfortably be themselves

This is the non-official website of 12 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. This website in no way should be understood to officially represent DND or the CF.