#700 (Edmonton) Wing - Air Force Association of Canada

#700 (Edmonton) Wing - Air Force Association of Canada


General Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the Month and 1930hrs (7:30 pm).

The meetings are held at the Edmonton Aviation Museum. The address is:
11410 Kingsway Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB
T5G 0X4

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2 Edmonton Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is Sponsored by 700 Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada and by 150 Strathcona Branch Royal Canadian Legion



An Air Cadet Squadron shall have an Air Cadet League approved (Squadron Sponsor÷. That Squadron Sponsor may be a service club, an element of an association or other organization, or it may be a group of persons, such as a parents' committee, formed specifically to sponsor a particular squadron. Two or more organizations, may together, be the Joint Sponsors of a Squadron, subject to the approval of the ACL. A Squadron's Sponsor must subscribe to the aims of the ACL and must be willing to provide ongoing financial and/or material assistance to their Squadron as required by the ACL. The role of a Squadron Sponsor is not always uniform. It can vary from Squadron to Squadron. One sponsor may choose to provide financial support only, another to provide the accommodation required while yet another is a source for volunteers to work at the Squadron on behalf of the ACL.


However, what all Sponsors do have in common is an ongoing duty of care and commitment to the cadets who belong to the Squadron they have agreed to sponsor.

Squadrons will acknowledge the support of their Sponsor, for example, in correspondence, at public events and in media releases in order that the general public become aware of the enabling role they play in the delivery of the Air Cadet Program. A good Sponsor is one of the essential elements to a Squadron's success.



To continue as a Squadron Sponsor there must be ongoing support provided for the Squadron and Air Cadet League requirements in the manner agreed to when the sponsorship was approved initially.