How to Sew Badges


Whether for military, public service, a job, or a scout troop, many of us wear uniforms with patches as insignia or rank.

STEP 1:  Get a sewing needle and thread that is either the color of the uniform or the color of the edge of the patch

STEP 2:  Position the badge where you want it to go

STEP 3:  Use a safety pin or straight pin to hold the badge where you want it to go.

STEP 4:  Try the uniform on with the patch held on with a safety pin to be sure it is positioned correctly

STEP 5:  Cut a piece of thread.  If you are not very familiar with sewing, start with a piece of thread no longer than 18 inches. Longer pieces tend to get tangled and are harder to work with than shorter ones

STEP 6:  Thread the needle and tie a knot in the end of the threa

STEP 7:  Put the needle through the uniform under the patch to start the first stitch (so that the ends of the thread that are beyond the knot will be hidden under the patch and not stick out

STEP 8:  Stick the needle back up through the uniform and catch the edge of the patch with the needle. Put the needle back through the uniform about 1/4" away. You have made your first stitch! It gets easier from here!

STEP 9:  Continue stitching the patch to the uniform all the way around the edge of the patch. Remove the pins

STEP 10:  When you have sewn all the way around the edge of the patch, knot the thread and pull the needle through between the patch and the uniform. Cut the ends of the thread beyond the knot to about 1/2" long. Tuck them under the patch.

FINISHED!!  You have just sewn on your badges