Mess Dinners

The Mess Dinner is one of the most important traditions of the Canadian Forces. With Unification, the various Mess Dinner customs of the previous services resulted in equally variable standards and considerable uncertainty among air element personnel about how a Mess Dinner should be conducted. A common standard will ensure that our rich heritage is preserved.
Excerpt from the Mess Dinners Procedures - Air Command CFACM 1-900 Foreword

Each year cadets from 12 Edmonton RCACS are able to attend the winter mess dinner. Cadets and staff participate in a formal traditional mess dinner. This includes having special guests, toasts, speeches and good food. 12 Edmonton RCACS observes traditional Air Force traditions when conducting mess dinners.

Cadet Dress: C8 - Mess Dress
CIC Officer Dress: 2 - Mess Dress

12 Edmonton Cadets RCACS - Winter Mess Dinner

Mess Dinner Procedures - Air Command Mess Dinner Procedures - CFACM 1-900